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Why This Is Voted BEST Baby Product in 2023 - Loved By A-List Celebrities Like Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan

Endorsed by leading pediatricians, Baby-led weaning develops oral motor development and strongly focuses on self-feeding, while keeping mealtime as a positive experience. Introducing the award winning BLW Set by Mommy's Ark. The spill-proof designs provide a safe space for babies learning to self-feed and avoid parents having to hover during mealtime. The solution for hassle-free and safe feeding for your little one.



Here's why the Mommy's Ark Mealtime Set is a must-have for first time moms...

Reason #1: Save time on commuting hours for gym.

Reason #2: No need for personal trainer. Comes with REDGE APP.

Reason #3: Save money on record high monthly gym memberships.

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Get your Mealtime Set today and benefit from a full 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

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29 February 23:59

I’m Sold!

I’m very overweight so I get significant fluctuations in my weight day to day. I can be plus or minus several pounds between morning and evening. The smart scale lets me see what is really happening i.e.what is fat and what is water.

★★★★★ Katharine K.  Verified Buyer

Highly Recommend!

I can't say enough good things about this company and product! The app is easy to use and being able to see my progress beyond weight has kept me super motivated

★★★★★ John B. Verified Buyer

Very accurate!

I wasn't sure at first, so I went and measure it with the DEXA scan and the results were surprisingly accurate! Really great product and good customer service as well

★★★★★Jenne M. Verified Buyer

Reason #4: No more excuses. Take it with you wherever you travel.

Reason #5: No need for expensive and bulky home gyms.

Reason #6: Get your confidence back from the place of your choosing

Reason #7: It's Vetted By Athletes and Pro Trainers

Limited Time Offer: 70% Discount

Get your RedgeFit today and benefit from a full 30-day Money-back Guarantee

- Valid Until -

29 February 23:59
Based on 3361 reviews

Love the color and love how it’s sturdy! This set is perfect!

Great set

The set is simply perfect, my baby Vittorio just started having his first apple and I cannot even think about this moment with no such a set. Super cute and convenient 🍎🍐🍊🍋🍏

Mealtime Gift Set | 8 Pcs
Emelie Titiheru

Love the material and color!

Mealtime Gift Set | 8 Pcs
Vickie Lamontagne

Those products are amazing! Good looking, easy to clean and Mommy’s Ark have every essentials you need with a baby :)

I am really satisfied with the purchased products!! Soft and safe material for my 9 month old!! 👍

I like this plate a lot and my baby loves it too!

love the color and material. Suction to the table is great! my husband had to really try to remove it, so im sure it will hold when the baby tries :) the spoon is very comfortabke to hold and perfect size for the little mouth. My son loves holding and chewing on it.

Amazing texture! Super quality.


It’s just perfect I loved everything. Looking forward to get more stuff.

My 8 month old didn’t drink out of a straw before and succeeded on his first try with this cup! All products in the set are amazing, Love it!

My 7 month old loves these and everything was super easy for her to learn to use. Spoons are very easy to pick up and use. Plate and bowl stay put.

Sippy Cup
Fiona Chance

Website is easy to use. Products are amazing and customer service is brilliant

Love it!

It is really nice! Very soft, easy to clean and most of all our baby loves to eat from it. Very happy with the set 😊

Expecting twins so I bought the Macaroon and Sage Sets as they are gender neutral. I have to say I'm blown away by the quality and the colors look much better in person. Gorgeous. Thank you, I'll be buying again soon <3

This is for my grandchild. His mum is using them and finds all products very easy to clean and loves the suction base as her baby is into hurling most objects from his high chair!

I have to say it's even more gorgeous than the old plate. My baby loves his matching midnight set and loves playing with it. Suction is super strong. Another home run with this set! :)

Great set! The bowl and plate sticks to the table so she can’t fling it away. It’s great.

All items are easy to use and wash. Sticks to the tray of our granddaughters high chair, preventing spillages.


I bought this for my granddaughter and this weaning set is amazing.

The Cutest Weaning Set

We haven’t started the weaning process as of yet but I’m so happy with our purchase, the whole set looks adorable, the suction on the plate and bowl are brilliant. I also love how soft the spoons are. It’s currently my little ones favourite teething toy😂

Thank you!

Thank you very much! I love this product really soft good my 6months baby..

Mealtime Gift Set | 8 Pcs
Камелия събева
Best Quality I've tried

I love the quality, my girl loves it as well!

Highly recommended!
Thank you❤️

Sippy Cup
Farhat K.

Love love love this product.

Bought it for my 6 month old grandson and since he’s teething he finds it also soothing on the gums.

Beautiful colour and excellent quality. Would definitely recommend.