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This Small Company Changed the Baby Product Industry with a Product that Took Instagram by Storm & Sold out 7 Times in a Row

Introducing the award winning baby-led weaning set by Mommy's Ark. The spill proof designs provide a safe space for babies learning to self-feed and avoid parents having to hover during mealtime. Endorsed by leading pediatricians, Baby-led weaning develops oral motor development and strongly focuses on self-feeding, while keeping mealtime as a positive experience. The solution for hassle-free and safe feeding for your little one. This set is designed to make mealtime a breeze and helps your baby transition to solids without breaking the bank.



The baby product industry giants were missing something

While leading names in baby care have focused on the classic baby products. Such as the baby cotton bib, baby bottle and pacifier. There was a clear lack of innovation and they've overlooked the importance of products that solve problems for the everyday mom. The right products should provide tools that can significantly impact not only the parent's mealtime experience, but also the toddlers!

The importance of Baby Led-Weaning: The right baby product should improve your baby's motor skills during learning to self feed and ultimately help develop their feeding experience. The problem is there wasn't a product that provided these benefits while solving the everyday frustrations that all parent's face until now.

Enter a new era of baby care innovation that recognizes the importance of every aspect of your baby's feeding experience.

This 100% food-grade silicone weaning set is crafted with platinum silicone, offering a safe, durable, and easy-to-clean solution for parents.

This weaning set, made from 100% platinum silicone, ensures a hygienic and education feeding experience for your baby.

Its innovative design aims to make feeding time more comfortable and enjoyable, encouraging your little one to embrace new flavors and textures effortlessly through self-feeding.

Parents are raving about the results: Lily: "My baby loves this weaning set! It's so easy to clean, and the soft silicone makes feeding time a joy."

Loved by 104,903+ Happy Customers

Elly D.

I love the quality, my girl loves it as well!

Highly recommended!
Thank you❤️

Eleanor M.

It is really nice! Very soft, easy to clean and most of all our baby loves to eat from it. Very happy with the set 😊

Emelie T.

Love the color and material. Suction to the table is great! my husband had to really try to remove it, so im sure it will hold when the baby tries :)

Vickie L.

Those products are amazing! Good looking, easy to clean and Mommy’s Ark have every essentials you need with a baby :)


I am really satisfied with the purchased products!! Soft and safe material for my 9 month old!! 👍

Amanda F.

My 7 month old loves these and everything was super easy for her to learn to use. Spoons are very easy to pick up and use. Plate and bowl stay put.

The Science Behind It: This weaning set incorporates the latest in baby care technology. The 100% silicone material is not just safe and durable; it's also naturally antibacterial, ensuring a clean and healthy feeding environment for your baby.

The set's unique design and quality silicone material make it more than just feeding accessories; it's a solution that simplifies mealtime and nurtures your baby's transition into solid foods.

For a limited time, you can enjoy a discount of 62% on this fantastic weaning set. Its popularity is soaring, having been sold out multiple times due to high demand from happy parents.

Join the community of satisfied parents who've discovered the ease and comfort of feeding with this innovative silicone weaning set. Don't miss out on this opportunity to help your baby develop their motor skills through baby-led weaning.

For a limited time 62% off when you purchase a Mealtime Set

Parents love the Mommy's Ark Mealtime Set so much... It sold out 7 times in a row!

Upon releasing the Mealtime Set, our team was astonished by the overwhelming response. Exceeding our expectations, over 100,000 families across 60 countries swiftly ordered more than 175,000 sets in total. Due to this incredible demand and numerous requests pouring in, we've decided to offer the set at an unbeatable price of $68 + an extra 15% off. While this special offer delights our loyal supporters, it's also anticipated to lead to the rapid sell-out of our current (8th) batch. Notably, the weaning set's reputation has spread like wildfire, capturing the hearts of influencers, bloggers, and journalists alike, amplifying the love for our brand among households worldwide.

For a limited time 62% off when you purchase a Mealtime Set

How Mommy's Ark is changing the baby product space

The Mealtime Set promotes self feeding as parents don't have to hover during mealtime. The babies learn to pick the food off from their bib and get more hands on feeding. Over 100,000 moms rave about the set.

Can this Mealtime Set actually help with weaning?

This silicone baby mealtime set isn't just about convenience—it's a catalyst for promoting baby self-feeding and embracing the principles of baby-led weaning which is recommended by leading pediatricians. With its carefully designed features and soft, easy-to-grip silicone material, this set encourages babies to explore and engage in self-feeding experiences.

The utensils' ergonomics and gentle texture empower infants to grasp and maneuver food independently, fostering their motor skills and autonomy during mealtime. Its thoughtfully crafted components facilitate the introduction of varied textures and tastes, aligning perfectly with the philosophy of baby-led weaning, where babies learn to self-regulate their food intake and develop a positive relationship with food from an early age.

This set becomes a supportive ally in your baby's journey toward embracing solid foods and learning the joy of self-feeding.

Get it while you still can!

The 8th Batch of the mealtime set has been released and the word is out in the mommy community. People are spreading the news about the limited offer and stock has become limited.

Take advantage of the promotion they are having and order your baby mealtime set today for only $68, it's time to skip the mealtime mess.

For a limited time 20% off when you purchase a Mealtime Set